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Spotlight on Buckinghamshire CCGs in new HSJ guide

The HSJ has put together a guide on how to cut the cost of diabetes, by increasing patient compliance with treatment, and upskilling primary care staff to reduce the diabetes burden on secondary care.

The guide highlights the work done in Buckinghamshire for the diabetes transformation programme. Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern CCGs have worked to provide tailored support for all patients and make use of all healthcare team members to reduce variation in diabetes care. Prevention is better than cure, and primary care staff have been working to ensure that patients are referred to lifestyle improvement services such as smoking cessation services as early as possible.

For patients who are in the diabetes pathway, access to psychological services has been improved to help patients come to terms with their diagnosis and subsequently be more likely to comply with their treatment. Care and support planning is provided for each patient to enable them to self-manage and reduce the burden on primary care services.

For staff, an advice line has been made available to enable GPs, nurses and healthcare assistants to boost their knowledge and confidence in dealing with diabetic patients and reduce the number of referrals to secondary care; patients with more complex requirements may be referred to secondary care but not attend appointments, and subsequently fall through the gaps. The CCGs are triangulating data between GP referrals and appointment attendance to prevent patients being missed by either service; these patients are more likely to experience complications and require emergency or inpatient care.

View the online guide, and Buckinghamshire’s excellent work here: