The Group Lead is: Sally Coutts, Cancer Pharmacist, Thames Valley.

The next group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7th March 2018, 14:00-16:00. Venue: Magdalen Centre, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4GA

The last Chemotherapy Group Meeting was held on Wednesday 18th October 2017. The minutes can be accessed below.

Chemotherapy Minutes 18.10.17


It has been agreed by the Thames Valley Acute Oncology Provider Based Delivery Group and the Chemotherapy Provider Based Delivery Group that the following guidelines should be adopted throughout the Thames Valley.

Dose Bands

Cancer Chemotherapy Dose Bands

Please use the table below to access the Dose Bands for Chemotherapy Drugs.

AfliberceptCyclophosphamide infusionIfosfamideRamucirumab
AmsacrineCyclophospamide syringeIpilimumabRituximab
Arsenic trioxideCytarabine high dose (>410mg/m2)IrinotecanRomidepsin
AvelumabCytarabine low dose (<410mg/m2)MelphalanStreptozocin
BendamustineDaratumumabMethotrexate (100% dose >900mg)Thiotepa
BevacizumabDaunorubicinMethotrexate (100% dose <300mg)Topotecan
Bortezomib IVDaunorubicin liposomalMethotrexate (100% dose 300-900mg) Trastuzumab
Bortezomib SCDocetaxelMitomycin Trastuzumab emtansine
BrentuximabDoxorubicinMitoxantrone Treosulfan
BusulfanDoxorubicin liposomalNelarabineVinblastine
CarfilzomibEtoposidePaclitaxel Vinorelbine
CetuximabFludarabinePaclitaxel albumin bound
CisplatinFluorouracil infusionPanitumumab
Cladribine (Leustat)Fluorouracil syringePembrolizumab
Cladribine (Litak)GemcitabinePemetrexed

Chemotherapy Trial Specific Dose Banding

Chemotherapy Guidelines

Chemotherapy Non-Network Approved Regimens

Aria User Guides

SACT Guidance

Clinical Trials

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