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Colorectal Cancer (Colon, Anal and Rectal)

The Colorectal Group is involved with improving service and research for patients with cancers from the beginning of the large bowel (colon), through the rectum, and all the way down to the anus. The group looks at improving care whether these patients are presenting with limited disease (confined to the gut) or disease that has spread to other organs. The group brings together patietn representatives and key individuals from the Colorectal, Anal and Liver multi-disciplinary teams from across the Network including surgeons (bowel and liver), oncologists, radiologists, histopathologists, specialist nurses and research nurses.

By meeting in this way, the group aims to ensure equally high standards of treatment across the Network and to optimise recruitment into clinical trials for this group of patients by promoting equity of access.

The Group Lead is: Professor Rachel Kerr, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The next Colorectal Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27th February 2019, 14:00-16:00, at Hawkwell House Hotel, Church Way, Iffley village, Oxford OX4 4DZ

Protocols and Guidelines for Colorectal are listed below:

Colorectal Chemotherapy Regimen v4.1 September 2019 (PDF)

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