Dr Will Orr leads the group as Clinical Director supported with a growing team of clinical leads providing expertise in specific clinical areas.  Following visits from the National Clinical Directors (NCD’s) for Renal Disease ( Dr Richard Fluck),  Diabetes (Dr Jonathan Valbachi) and Stoke ( Dr Tony Rudd) Stroke appointed a Thames Valley wide clinical lead for Diabetes ( Reading GP Dr Richard Croft) and Stroke ( BHT Consultant Dr Matthew Burn).

The NCD meetings have brought together support for network “working groups”. These “working groups” will provide leadership, guidance and project management capacity for each disease area and support the introduction of new ways of working. Initial work will be in Diabetes addressing variation in two key areas:

  • Ensuring that patients with diabetes receive the 8 care processes;
  • Reducing the level of limb amputations resulting from diabetic disease building on the previous South Central Foot-care Network.

For renal disease – the most prominent priority is the management of Acute Kidney Injury. In support, the SCN has awarded two Innovation & Diffusion AKI funds to colleagues at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. These are expected to raise awareness, improve management and link directly to improved outcomes for patients

Within Cardiac, the Heart Failure Group has progressed well and is evolving and developing closer links with both commissioners and patients. The November Heart Failure Palliative Care workshop was well attended, enabling specialists to come together and share areas of good practice – and identify where improvements can be made.

The second cardiac priority is Familial Hypercholesteraemia – a discrete area, which is strongly supported by the Cardiac NCD (Dr Huon Gray)

One of the Networks’ patient representatives (Martin Harris) is to review variation in the uptake of cardiac rehabilitation.