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Long Term Conditions/Psychological Therapies

In 2011 Four Pathfinder projects for the implementation of  “improving access to psychological therapies” (IAPT) across Thames Valley were established. Each locality (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) has focused on a specific Long Term Condition (LTC): Diabetes, COPD, and CHD respectively, with Berkshire also looking at MUS. .

The MHDN network is undertaking with the Domain 2 lead a detailed economic review of each pathfinder project in Thames Valley. The evaluation will include a review of the impact of these projects on both direct quality of care as well as the ability of such interventions to affect change in future patient need.

This evaluation will then inform future commissioning and support long term service modeling.

Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, the project has the potential to reduce cost, improve patient care and direct services towards mental health, with the desired outcome of improving physical health. By working together it is anticipated that services and commissioners will continue to share evolving theories and practical skills enabling the fast track implementation of lessons learnt.