GP Leadership Programme

Leadership Development for GP Commissioners of Mental Health.

 A key element in the Mental Health Strategy and for Geraldine Strathdee, the Mental Health National Clinical Director, is developing a leadership role for GP commissioning leads, to this end a development programme has been commissioned by NHS England, in the south by East of England SCN.

The development GP leadership programme (specifically tailored for CCG Mental Health Leaders) is sponsored by Geraldine Strathdee, the National Clinical Director for Mental Health and is designed to respond to the challenges facing commissioners of Mental Health services across England.

The aim of the programme is to empower GP commissioners with the knowledge, skills and leadership to confidently commission Mental Health services. In addition, it will enable participants to have an opportunity for individual development and to experience training that can contribute to the improvement of services for fellow commissioners, providers and, most importantly, patients and their carers.

 The intention, with support from experienced partner providers, is to work with GP MH Leads and SCNs to ensure this programme is relevant and useful to colleagues in CCGs and that it complements – and does not duplicate – the ongoing programme of development that is underway in South Central SCN.  It is the intention to provide a programme that is ‘local’ to each SCN area and is shaped by working closely with participants and SCN colleagues.

This programme is an opportunity for one GP Lead from a CCG to be funded by NHS England. Those completing the programme will return to their organisations with skills and tools to meet commissioning objectives effectively.

The programme consist of:

  • Face-to-face element delivered over 4 days with the first module comprising of two consecutive days with overnight residential accommodation.
  • The remaining days are one day modules or master classes.
  • Webinars will also be available for GPs to access and each participant will undertake a focussed improvement project integrating learning into their role as CCG Mental Health Lead.


Useful links:

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