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South Central Medical Directorate Conference, June 2017 presentations

PDFs of the presenters’ slides can be found below.

Morning plenary session

Session 1a: Atrial fibrillation and vascular, chaired by Dr Will Orr

Session 1b: Increasing life expectancy, chaired by Dr Sarah Roberts

Session 1c: End of life, chaired by Dr Andy Ciecierski

Session 1d: Optimising patients care, chaired by Julian Emms

Session 1e: Clinical leadership, chaired by Joe Harrison

Plenary session 2

Session 2a: Children’s cancer, chaired by Kathy Pritchard-Jones

Session 2b: Vanguards, chaired by Nerissa Vaughan

Session 2c: Next steps on Five Year Forward View, chaired by Dr Peter Jenkins

Session 2d: Workforce, chaired by Richard Mumford

Session 2e: Patient experience, chaired by Thalia Jervis

Session 3a: Ebola, thrombectomy and genomics, chaired by Steve McManus

Session 3b: Mental health, dementia and neurology, chaired by Stuart Bell CBE

Session 3c: Healthcare public health, chaired by Kate Shields

Session 3d: General Practice – Resilience and empowerment, chaired by Lou Patten

Session 3e: Patient centred care, chaired by John Lisle

Session 4a: Prevention, chaired by Ann Donkin

Session 4b: Maternity, chaired by Neil Dardis

Session 4c: Educating and informing to think differently, chaired by Dr Adrian Hayter

Session 4d: Quality improvement, chaired by Ellen Rule

Session 4e: Digital advances, chaired by Dr Jim O’Donnell