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Cancer Alliance Groups (CAGs)

This section provides information about each of the clinical Cancer Alliance Groups (CAGs) within the Thames Valley Cancer Alliance. These groups are dedicated to improving services for a specific cancer or tumour type so that patients with cancer have the best possible outcomes and quality of life.

Each group comprises patient representatives, members of multi-disciplinary teams and other healthcare staff from across the Thames Valley who are involved in the care and treatment of a particular cancer type. The purpose of the groups is to ensure cancer services across Thames Valley are delivered and monitored utilising consistent and appropriate clinical protocols and guidelines, in accordance with Implementing Improving Outcomes Guidance and Peer Review. All the groups are accountable to the Cancer Steering Group. The governance and accountability arrangements are summarised on the diagram below:

Cancer Strategic Clinical Network Clinical Groups Accountability & Governance Structure

The main objectives of the groups are:

  • To agree and assess network standards (including guidelines and protocols) where not covered by nationally mandated standards (such as by NICE or national service specifications), taking note of nationally recommended standards, such as from Royal College specialty committees;
  • To review operational delivery of pathways of care between service providers;
  • To share best practice, provide education and peer support;
  • To advise on the strategic direction for services;
  • To consult with the relevant cross-cutting groups on issues involving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cancer imaging, histopathology, laboratory investigation and specialist palliative care.

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