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Brain and Central Nervous System (CNS)

The aim of this group is to oversee, support and bring together the viewpoints of all of the multi-disciplinary teams working in central nervous system and brain cancer services across the Network. The group also aims to ensure the same standard of care and treatment for patients with this type of cancer across the Network.

The Group Lead is:  Mr Puneet Plaha, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Group Meetings:

The date for the next Brain and CNS Meeting will be confirmed shortly.

Protocols and Guidelines for Brain and CNS are listed below:

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in a given regimen it cannot be guaranteed that the regimen is fully up to date, because of the dynamic nature of cancer treatment.

Brain & CNS Adult CNS non-surgical oncology guidelines V7 May 2014

Brain & CNS Imaging Guidelines for Initial Diagnostic May 2014

Brain & CNS Epilepsy in Neuro-oncology  Guidelines V2 Nov 2008

Brain & CNS- Spinal Radiotherapy Protocols V6 Nov 2016

Brain & CNS Chemotherapy Regimens V4.4 March 2019

Brain & CNS Primary Cranial Radiotherapy Protocols V7 March 17

Brain & CNS Palliative Cranial Radiotherapy WBRT and PCI V3 March 19

Brain & CNS Stereotactic Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery Protocols V4.1 Feb 17- Awaiting final version

Brain & CNS Radiology Follow up Imaging Guidelines May 2014

Proton beam Therapy information and guidance can be found here:

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