Work Plan

Under the clinical leadership of Dr Will Orr, the Cardio-Vascular (CVD) Team have developed a work-plan which blends previous cardiac and stroke priorities with those emerging from representatives of the diabetes and renal communities.

The Heart Failure Network Group (the clinical lead post is currently vacant) has been re-invigorated; one aspect is to start to look at “end of life” care issues and how palliative care for patients with heart failure can work more closely with existing networks. Familial hypercholesteremia, the second priority, is part of a more “national” roll-out.

For Diabetes, we are currently supporting local “county-wide networks”, which may help develop a clinical reference group, reflecting interested parties from across the three counties (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire). The good work of the previous diabetic foot network is being supported in action planning which aims to reduce limb amputations by 50% by 2017.

The current Renal priorities are: (a) improving identification and management of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI); (b) Improving detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and primary care management; and (c) improved management of end stage renal failure.

There are 3 Stroke priorities: (a) optimised atrial fibrillation management, (b) increasing the percentage of time a stroke patient spends on a specialist stroke unit, and (c) increased rates of earlier supported discharge. It will be important for all sites to submit data to the new SSNAP audit which now covers a more extensive patient pathway.

All of these CVD priorities are captured in the CVD work-plan, which is deliberately ambitious in approach. We would welcome approaches from anyone involved in CVD healthcare – at whatever level and within whatever organisation.