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End of life archive


Meeting with Dr Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for end of life care

On the 7 May 2015 Commissioners in Thames Valley had the opportunity to discuss End of Life Care Issues with the Clinical Director Dr Bee Wee. Please find the following: a note of the meeting, presentations made by Dr Bee Wee, Dr Barbara Barrie and Jo Wilson.

Dr Bee Wee NCD presentation (PDF)

Meeting 7 May notes final (DOC)

Palliative and End of Life Care in Thames Valley 2015 (PDF)

Thames Valley EoLC (PDF)

DNACPR meeting (5th March 2015)

As a result of the above meeting, we agreed to add the documents from Southampton University’s website here.

ACP-toolkit-v5 (PDF)

Adult-DNACPR-Policy-v2 (PDF)

A-Practical-Guide-for-GPs-Meeting-Peoples-End-of-Life-Care-Needs (PDF)

Child-and-Young-Persons-ACP-Form and Policy (PDF)

Decision-Making-Framework-v2 (PDF)

DNACPR-Informing-SCAS-V2-and-email (PDF)

DNACPR-Patient-Info-leaflet-v2 (PDF)

Electronic-DNACPR-Form-Instructions (PDF)

EoLC-care-home-toolkit (PDF)

MCA-Leaflet (PDF)

THINK v 2 print (PDF)

Tissue-Donation-Guidance (PDF)

uDNACPR-Printed-Form-v6 (PDF)

Warning-Flag-Fax-template (PDF)

Living Longer in Better Health: Frailty and integration event

Integration – John Young (PPT)

Understanding Frailty, tools and interventions – SCN John Young (PPT)

Mid Notts Better Together for Thames Valley SCN 4 3 15_Jan Balmer (PDF)

2015 03 04 Thames Valley Clinical network event – Catherine Mountford (PPT)