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Respiratory Illness in Childhood

One of the key areas of focus for the TVSCN Children’s network is: Reducing emergency admissions in children (asthma and viral wheeze)


How to Organise a meeting

These materials are offered to provide a model of how an educational meetings programme for primary care professionals on this topic might be organised and structured.  Successful meetings were held using these materials  in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes,  which attracted 70-90 doctors and nurses to each meeting  and had very good feedback from participants.

The materials  and presentations for these meetings are available here and you are welcome to use or adapt  any of these materials if you would find this useful.

Useful template documents

Please find below five Powerpoint presentations from the Improving the Management of Childhood Asthma workshop on 19 November 2014 which could be used or adapted for in-practice educational meetings. Additional events are being held on 25 February 2015 at Windsor Racecourse and 20 May 2015 in Oxford. Please contact Rebecca Furlong for further details:

Presentations on Diagnosis, Acute Illness Management, Management of Continuing Symptoms and Regular Asthma Review/PAAPs. Each lasts about 30 minutes. The Summary 60 minute presentation contains selected slides from the other four presentations and might be suitable for a one hour meeting covering the whole topic.

 Summary 60 min Presentation (PPT) 
 Respiratory Diagnosis in Children (PPT) 
 Regular Asthma Review and PAAPs (PPT) 
 Management of Acute Wheezing (PPT)
 Wheezing and Asthma Managing Continuing Symptoms (PPT)


Below are additional presentations from the Oxford Event

Dr Jeremy Hull assessment_and_management_of_acute_episodes_v2 (PPT)

Dr Jeremy Hull asthma_standards_of_care (2) (PPT)