Still birth Reduction

Stillbirth rates in the UK are higher than might be expected in a high income country: approximately one in 200 babies is stillborn (4.9 stillbirths per 1,000 births). There have been approximately 3,300 stillbirths per year in recent years. Furthermore, there has been little change in UK rates over the past 20 years.

Many of these stillbirths and deaths are preventable. Reducing infant deaths and stillbirths is a priority for the NHS and government, captured in the NHS and Public Health Outcomes Frameworks. TVSCN therefore identified stillbirths as a key priority for the Children and Maternity Network.

Audit report

This is the Thames Valley SCN Still Birth Audit report (PDF)  of a six month audit of stillbirths in Thames Valley undertaken following concern at the national high stillbirth rates in England and regional variation. This audit of local cases of stillbirth was undertaken to establish whether there were particular areas of practice which could be improved. The methodology, results, and recommendations are presented for consideration and adoption.

The next step is to take forward the recommendations and  this will be taken forward in Phase 2 in April 2015. If you have any questions please contact me