About the network

The Thames Valley Children & Maternity Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) was established in 2013 and is made up of children, young people, women and/or their carers, clinicians, other professionals and stakeholders with an interest and responsibility in children, young people and maternity care.

The purpose of the C&M Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) is to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to work across geographical and organisation boundaries to support equity of access to high quality, evidence based care.

This approach provides the framework within which the Thames Valley M&C SCN Work Plan has been created. This includes crosscutting themes such as end of life care where appropriate, and aims to incorporate the five NHS Outcomes Framework Domains. The work plan is monitored by the C&M SCN Steering Group and actions are pursued through a number of Network and Locality groups with project support.

The Network is clinically led and is responsible for advising and supporting commissioners about mental health, dementia and neurology related commissioning decisions and priorities, driving up quality by focusing on improving patient outcomes, reducing unwarranted inequalities, and delivering the objectives of the NHS Outcomes Framework.

The Network proactively engages patients, families, and communities, including populations who may be disadvantaged, in planning and implementing new approaches to service delivery that are meaningful and more accessible. We work in collaboration with many stakeholders including academic partners to create new knowledge and translate it into measurable improvements in health and care for the population.

The C&M SCN team consists of:

  • Interim Clinical Director for Children, Dr. Minoo Irani
  • Interim Clinical Director for Maternity, Jane Herve
  • Network Manager for Children and Maternity, Rebecca Furlong
  • Quality Improvement Lead for Children and Maternity, Marion Foster

You can even get involved in improving services yourself, through joining your local GP practice patient involvement group, or local Healthwatch, you can keep up to date by receiving our regular newsletter, or register to offer to give your feedback as topics arise – do this through the Contact Us section of the web-site.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any of our work, we would welcome approaches from anyone involved– children, young people, woman, their families & carers as well as professionals, and at whatever level and within whatever organisation – please email us on Rebecca.furlong@nhs.net.



Rebecca Furlong

Network Manager