Work Plan

The Work Plan (PDF) outlines the proposed projects and work streams for the Children & Maternity (C&M) Network in the Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN). The Thames Valley C&M Network was created in April 2013, as one of twelve networks launched nationally, our network has built on the existing informal networks within TV, as well as seeking new partners to work together across Thames Valley. Our aim is to support and improve services and ensure that children , young people and woman receive the best quality care possible at all localities.

The network has a wide portfolio, which was developed through extensive communications, conversations, feedback and interactions with our stakeholders. We also carefully considered the CCG commissioning plans and the data and evidence available to us. National priorities were also considered ensuring the work plan created reflected the priorities as defined by all stakeholders and supported by the robust evidence base relating to outcomes and services. The plan also reflects legacy work from South Central Strategic Health Authority (SC SHA), before its dissolution in March 2013.

The work plan provides an outline of proposed activity for the period of 2013/ 2015. The projects are:

  • Improving Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Scoping Perinatal Mental Health Services in the Thames Valley
  • Reducing emergency admissions in children (asthma and viral wheeze)
  • Reducing Stillbirth inc local audit
  • Transition from Children to Adult services
  • Maternity Dashboard to support quality improvements
  • ‘Stay with your Midwife’ project – improving healthy outcomes for women during pregnancy
  • Reduction in variation in Healthcare _ joint project with the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)

The C&M network also recognises its alignment to the three other networks: Cancer, CVD, and Mental Health and where appropriate, it will seek to collaborate on shared priorities. There is also joint working and collaboration with the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).