Dementia Network

Around 670,000 people in England live with dementia and there are currently 850,000 friends or family members caring for someone with dementia. This figure is expected to double by 2037.

In 2012, the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge marked a major milestone for dementia care in England.  A forecast of rapidly increasing prevalence highlighted a need for greater resource and financial investment. Across the South of England alone, £9 million was invested. This investment was paired with challenging targets and a clear focus on increasing diagnosis rates. More recently, a shift of emphasis towards post-diagnostic support and signposting to services has continued the momentum on service improvements in both the commissioning and provision of care.

Thames Valley SCN works with service users, clinicians, commissioners, health and social care organisations and the third sector to enable the delivery of significant strategic quality improvements in dementia care across the region.

It has two key aims:

  • To ensure people receive a timely diagnosis
  • To ensure every person with dementia has access to good quality, evidence-based support.

During 2018/2019 the SCN will focus its work towards achieving the following objectives:

  1. To achieve and maintain a dementia diagnosis rate of at least two-thirds of the estimated number of people with dementia across the Thames Valley healthcare system.
  2. To provide leadership, expertise and support to the system to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement in dementia care across the Thames Valley.
  3. To build on the success of the TVSCN Enhanced Dementia Practices project (2017) by embedding the additional dementia leadership created  to champion and support the delivery of local dementia improvement plans.
  4. To improve the quality of dementia care in care homes by scoping best practice and identifying gaps for quality improvement.
  5. To support the development of a care home network across Thames Valley.
  6. To develop an electronic resource for dementia accessed through the TVSCN website which will provide a one-stop shop for a range of dementia best practice information.
  7. To provide an annual best practice event for dementia.
  8. To develop a Thames Valley Dementia Network of commissioners, providers, arms lengths bodies, third sector and users.
  9. To develop a toolkit to support person-centred care planning for those with dementia in primary and community care settings.

Sian Roberts, TVSCN Clinical Lead for Dementia –

Sylvie Thorn, TVSCN Quality Improvement Lead for Dementia-