National publications

After a diagnosis of dementia: What to expect from health and care services
A guide to the support people should get from local services in England if they or someone they know have been diagnosed with dementia.

Dementia friendly hospital charter
Dementia Action Alliance booklet that helps hospitals to identify whether or not they are dementia friendly, and also outlines for people with dementia and their carers what they can expect during a hospital stay.

Dementia commissioning know how
Extensive guide for dementia commissioners, including information on the dementia well pathway, benchmarking, Memory Assessment Services and more.

Dementia well pathway
Plan on a page summary of the dementia well pathway, and the steps required to achieve it.

Models of dementia assessment and diagnosis: Indicative cost review
NHS England report that includes three different models of dementia assessment and diagnosis, and the related costs.

Dementia diagnosis and management: A brief pragmatic resource for GPs
Extensive NHS England guide to dementia, designed for GPs.

Dementia good care planning: Information for primary care providers and commissioners
NHS England document outlining how to create a good care plan for a person with dementia.

Memory clinics: Best practice
Guidance on how to improve access for assessment at memory clinics.

Dementia: NICE guidelines for assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers
Wide-ranging guidance for clinicians, AHPs, care and support workers, and people who have dementia and their carers.

The dementia guide: Living well after diagnosis
Booklet created by the Alzheimer’s Society for people with dementia and their carers. Includes information on support services and list of useful organisations.

Dementia: NICE quality standard QS184
This quality standard covers preventing dementia, and the assessment, management and health and social care support for people with dementia. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement guidelines.