DeAR-GP (Dementia assessment and referral tool)
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Memory screening tools
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Dementia commissioning know how
Extensive guide for dementia commissioners, including information on the dementia well pathway, benchmarking, Memory Assessment Services and more.

Dementia friendly GP surgeries: Implementing iSPACE
Information on how to implement the dementia friendly iSPACE model in general practice.

Dementia self-assessment tool
Checklist that enables local health economies to assess compliance against dementia diagnosis rate targets.

DiADeM tool and GPCOG
Diagnosing Advanced Dementia Mandate (DiADeM) tool for use in care home settings, to diagnose dementia.

Diagnosing dementia in younger people
Leaflet covering important information when considering a dementia diagnosis in a younger person.

FAST scale
Functional Assessment Staging Test (FAST) measures the course of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This Is Me
Template that allows the person with dementia (or their carer) to record the information that is most important to them, and will aid social and care workers particularly in times of transition or change.

Dementia diagnosis toolkit
Toolkit that supports the dementia clinical pathway. Provides space for clinicians, carers, social and care workers, and the person with potential dementia to input into as well as understand the pathway.