Work Plan

The Work Plan outlines the proposed projects and work streams for the Thames Valley Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions Strategic Clinical Network . Created in April 2013, as one of twelve MHDN networks launched nationally, the TV MHDN SCN seeks to work with multiple partners across Thames Valley, to support and improve services and ensure that patients receive the best quality care possible at all localities.

The network has a wide portfolio which embraces all aspects of mental health, including the mental and physical interface, children’s mental health, learning disabilities, the wide spectrum of autism, all forms of dementia (including aspects pertaining to support carers) and the huge portfolio included within neurological conditions. The MHDN network also recognises its alignment to the three other networks: Cancer, CVD, and Children and Maternity and where appropriate, it will seek to collaborate on shared priorities.

This work plan provides an outline of proposed activity for the period of 2013/ 2015. It has been developed in collaboration with a number of stakeholders at both national and local level. It is intended to reflect a number of sources of priorities, many of which were identified and debated during and following the MHDN network development day on the 18th July 2013.  The plan is in evolution and is updated and discussed on a regular basis at the Steering Group Meeting. The plan and priorities are signed off by the Steering Group.


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