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Resources for Primary Care

Thames Valley Cancer Strategic Clinical Network has developed a useful document of primary care resources which contains useful information and advice.  Topics covered include:

  • General Practice Profiles
  • Primary Care Audit Tools
  • Significant Event Audits
  • Referral Decision Support Tools
  • Safety Netting
  • Increasing Uptake of Screening
  • Education Tools
  • Patient Information Tools
  • Risk Assessment Tools

Thames Valley Cancer SCN Cancer Information Sources for Primary Care (PDF)

The Smear Test Film

‘The Smear Test Film’ is a health education film resource for women eligible for cervical screening (smear tests) who have mild and moderate learning disabilities. It has been made by Public Health England in association with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Professional guidance and support in the development of this resource was provided by the Better Health Team for Learning Disabilities at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. To see the film and find more information please click here.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Urgent Referral Guidance – Cancer Research UK Resource

CRUK have recently launched their newly developed support resources for primary care professionals aiming to summarize the changes and the contents of the new NICE Urgent Referral Guidance.

It is available in 3 formats for individual GPs to choose from:

  • Infographic style – Symptoms are grouped according to organ system, with a key directing you to NICE’s recommendations.
  • Text style – Symptoms are displayed alphabetically, with a key directing you to NICE’s recommendations.
  • Table style  – Information is displayed in a table format with recommended pathways displayed along the top of the table.

which are also available on CRUK website under ‘Summaries of the referral guidelines’ on:

CRUK Resource: NICE Urgent Referral Guidance for Suspected Cancer

Cancer Research UK Facilitators

Three CRUK Facilitators have been commissioned by the Thames Valley Cancer Strategic Clinical Network since April 2014 to work with a range of health professionals including CCGs, primary care and public health teams to strengthen prevention and early diagnosis initiatives. The team bring some extra capacity to the Thames Valley to work with key partners on the early diagnosis agenda. They will work with local stakeholders and health care professionals to tailor the support, information and advice they provide to meet the local priorities and needs and to support change that will lead to improved outcomes.

Thames Valley Health Professional Engagement Facilitators – Leaflet

To arrange an introductory practice visit and needs assessment with your Facilitator and for further information on the upcoming Audit Dissemination Event in November, please contact:

Bridget England (Berkshire)
Mobile: 07500 881933

Louise Forster (Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes)
Mobile: 07785 441814

Allyson Arnold (Oxfordshire and Swindon)
Mobile: 07557 566298

Macmillan GP Facilitators

Funded by Macmillan Cancer Support, the role of the Facilitators is to engage with the Primary Care health community and individual GPs to maintain and develop the quality of cancer services and palliative care across the Network area which includes Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon.

Appointed to work in as ‘agents of change’ in both an educational and practical capacity, Dr Barbara Barrie and Dr Richard Fisher work with local GPs, community care staff and others involved in cancer to improve the quality of urgent cancer referrals and palliative care provided in Primary Care.

Our GP’s are able to support a local GP perspective on commissioning cancer services have established links with Clinical Commissioning Groups across their areas. They are also able to provide practices with hands on support to interpret GP Practice Cancer Profiles provided by the NCIN, Macmillan Learnzone, RCGP SEA Audit materials, Safety Netting in Primary Care and Continued Professional Development.

If you would like to invite a GP Facilitator to your practice / CCG please contact as below;

Dr Barbara Barrie – Berkshire

Dr Richard Fisher – Swindon

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire – please contact Steve Candler, Senior Network Manager

For further information please contact us using our contact us page.