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Thames Valley & Milton Keynes Patient Experience Strategy Group

Introduction – Thames Valley & Milton Keynes Patient Experience Strategy Group

The Introduction to this Group’s Strategy document describes the approach of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), NHS England Thames Valley (TV) and the Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) to supporting the delivery of high quality care and high quality research through the active involvement and engagement of patients, carers and the public.

“Sustainable healthcare in the 21st century depends on people being actively engaged in maintaining their health, in managing the illnesses that affect them and being involved in designing and delivering healthcare systems. To achieve this we need a well-informed population, professionals that can engage with patients and carers as partners and person-centred healthcare that responds to what patients and the public need and say.

Our strategy will support the delivery of person-centred care by ensuring that patients, carers and the public are active partners in the work of our networks and programmes.

Our strategy builds on national policy, where patient experience is one of the three components of quality in healthcare, alongside clinical effectiveness and safety”

The Strategy, including the Terms of Reference for the Group:

Part of supporting the patient and lay members of the Strategy Group is to have a resource for them to use – other patients and lay rep: Lay Advisory Panel – Guidelines (PDF)

Members of the Steering Group: The Who’s Who can be found in the attached flyer: TV& MK Patient Experience Strategy Group Who’s Who (PDF)

Strategy Group Meeting Action Notes: 23 July 2014 (PDF), 4 Sept 2014 (PDF), 6 Jan 2015 (PDF)

Some useful Articles, Reports: 40 ways to support Patient Leadership (PDF)