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Population Health event

On Wednesday 28 February, the SCN held its population health event to bring CCG, STP, Public Health and wider stakeholders together to discuss the definitions of population health, the imperative of public health, and the art of the possible when integrated care systems come together to understand the potential in this very exciting area. You can view the agenda from the day below:

Final Agenda PH Management Conf

We were grateful to all our speakers, chairs and delegates, who attended in trying weather conditions, to hear both national thought leadership and regional/local examples of population health in action.

All the presentations are attached in the slideshare presentation below (which can be expanded to full screen):

IntroductionShahed AhmadSlide 2
Population health, the public health imperativeJulian BrookesSlide 13
Population health management in BuckinghamshireShakiba HabibulaSlide 33
Healthy new townsRosie RoweSlide 42
The 'art of the possible'Paul GaudinSlide 70
Digital and system transformationJohn LisleSlide 91
System thinking for population healthAbraham GeorgeSlide 107
Social networking for health and activating self-careMatt Jameson-EvansSlide 154
Activating populations through health appsLiz Ashall-PayneSlide 183

You can also find the link to Abraham George’s webex here.

Thames Valley SCN and the Clinical Senate have come together to provide an introductory text to what population health means with some specific examples from the region alongside some key considerations to be taken in this area – this can be accessed here:

Population health has never been away, however the concept has received a great deal of focus more recently with the great strides in technology and data we are experiencing, as well as the policy shift to integrated care across the NHS becoming a reality from the recent NHS England Operating Plan guidance.

Within the Thames Valley and the wider South region, this gives an extra impetus due to the rapid adoption of integrated care in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire West and Frimley Health.

Should you require further information, we would gladly help to make connections  and are also available to discuss any of these concepts further.